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A Study Of Urbanization In Context Of Future Mega City Of Lahore
Author(s) :
Muhammad Ramzan
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Mustafa
The movements of people refer to the concept of migration and urbanization. Basically these are the demographic concepts. In general, migration is a necessary element of population redistribution and equilibrium in any society. Today people move where not only economic but social opportunities are also better. Simply migration means the change of place from one area to other, or the area of origin to area of destination. Traditionally it can be divided into two parts: internal migration (peopleís movement within the country or region, e.g. rural to urban etc.) and external migration (international, peopleís movement outside the State). The present study reviews the overall concepts of internal migration, from rural to urban, which is the dominant expression of internal migration. The focus of this study is on the process of urbanization in future mega city of Lahore, focusing on that why people move to Lahore and wants to settle there and the analysis is based on census data. The finding depends on different types of migration, their effect on Lahore and the policies also required to be made for the migration or urbanization process in the cityheart of Pakistan.
Keywords: Urbanization; Mega; City Of Lahore; Migration; Internal Migration

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