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Analysis of teacher training education program: A comparative study of Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan
Author(s) :
Farah Khan (PhD. Education, School of Education and Modern Languages, CAS, University Utara Malaysia. )
Muhammad Haseeb (School of Economics, Finance & Banking, College of Business, University Utara Malaysia )
Education plays a decisive role in the economic development as well as social development of a country. Every state is well aware about the fruit of education and makes an effort to enhance its further. Achievement of Education for All (EFA) is also one of the Millennium Development Goal; therefore, the present article aims to explore the teacher training education in the context of Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan. The data reveals that literacy rate of Indonesia is 90 %, which is the highest among three countries, while in case of Malaysia it is estimated 89 % and in case of Pakistan it is still 54.9 %.  However, public sector spending on education in case of Malaysia recorded 5.9 % of the GDP during 2011, and it is 3.6 % of GDP in case of Indonesia during 2012, while in case of Pakistan very low that recoded 2.1 % of GDP during 2012. Pupil-teacher ratios in both primary and secondary school are low in case of Indonesia with 12.7 % and 13.7 % pupil per teacher, followed by Malaysia and Pakistan.  Overall education indicators of Pakistan are meager and it indicates that the government of Pakistan needs to give proper attention on education sector where teacher training program should not be ignored.
Keywords: Education, teacher training, and Pakistan

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