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Barriers To Growth Of Smes In Lahore And Their Effects On Smes
Author(s) :
Tahar Haneef (Faculty of Commerce, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan)
The present study examines the barriers to growth in SMEs in Lahore. The barriers highlighted in this study include lack of capital, high production cost, overdue accounts receivables, high interest rates and difficulties in accessing credits. Primary data was collected through questionnaire asking questions on a five point Likert Scale. The data was, then, analyzed through SPSS using multiple regression and Pearson correlation. Results showed that barriers highlighted in this study have significant impact on the growth of SMEs in Lahore. Recommendations to minimize the effect of the mentioned factors ware also provided in this study.
Keywords: SME; Lack of Capital, High Production Cost; Growth; Barriers; Lahore; Overdue Accounts Receivables, High Interest Rates.

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