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Consumption values and consumer attitude towards automobile purchase
Author(s) :
Syed Naveed Altaf (PhD Scholar, School of Business Management, Universti Utara Malaysia )
Dr. Selvan Perumal (Associate Professor, School of Business Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Dr. Zolkifli Hussin (Associate Professor, School of Business Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia )

Consumer values have been identified as key antecedents in predicting individual's attitude towards purchase of a product. This study identifies some of the most important consumer values that effect consumer attitude and integrates them into a conceptual framework for anticipating consumer attitude towards product purchase. A survey of 200 automobile consumers from Islamabad, Pakistan, selected via convenience sampling, was used to draw results on how consumers’ consumption values affected their attitude towards automobile purchase. Reasons for the necessity of the study and relevant literature review of past studies is presented. Theoretical justifications for the model and usefulness of the study for consumer researchers and marketing professionals are also discussed.

Keywords: Theory of consumption values, Consumer attitude, Automobile purchase

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