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Empirical study on transformational and transactional leadership: Exploring mediating role of trust in leader on organizational identification
Author(s) :
Aisha Sarwar (Department of Business Administration, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan )
Mehwish Mumtaz (Department of Management Sciences, Air University, Pakistan )
Current study presents the empirical results regarding the relationships between the concepts of transactional and transformational leadership as independent variables, trust in leader as a mediator and organizational identification as a dependent variable. The data is collected in 277 dyads from the leaders and their respective followers in banking sector of Pakistan. The results of the current study indicate the positive relation of aforementioned leadership styles (transformational and transactional) with trust in leader. Similarly, as a full mediator, trust in leader develops an organizational identification among the respective followers. Moreover, results are also specifying the behaviors of leader that are mandatory to promote trust of followers for their leaders. Directions of future research and managerial implications are discussed at the end of the paper. 

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