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Factors Affecting Organizational Performance
Author(s) :
Davood Askarany (Business School, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Auckland, New Zealand)
There is an accumulated body of literature on the diffusion of a variety of relatively new strategic management tools in organizations. However, there is scant research on the level of association between the adoption of these techniques and organizational performance. Investigating the diffusion of six proposed strategic management tools of the past few decades through the lens of organizational change theory, we examine the relationship between the adoption of these techniques and organizational performance in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations in New Zealand. The findings suggest a significant association between the diffusion of these relatively new strategic management tools and organizational performance. The findings also show that the adoption of strategic management tools is equally important for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations.
Keywords: Strategic Management Tools; Organizational Performance; Manufacturing; Non-manufacturing; New Zealand.

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