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Author(s) :
ALTAF HUSSAIN (Assistant Professor, Sukkur IBA)
NORASHIDAH HASHIM (Deputy Director CEDI University Utara Malaysia)
The presence of a gap between genders in entrepreneurship has been attracting increasing academic attention. This gap is wider from developing countries like Pakistan in which women entrepreneurs represent only one percent of this gender’s population. This increasing gender gap in entrepreneurial activity from developing countries perspective suggest that more research is needed to explain individual intent. Based on the theory of planned behavior this study assesses gender difference in the entrepreneurial intentions from developing countries context, like Pakistan. Data is collected using cross-sectional survey from the 499 final year students of nine universities from Sindh, Pakistan. The results of this study revealed a positive and significant impact of SN, attitude and PBC for male students’ entrepreneurial intentions, while attitude and PBC were the significant predictors of female students’ entrepreneurial intentions. This suggested that it is unlikely to find impact of social norms on gender for predicting the entrepreneurial intentions in Pakistan. The findings confirm the theory of planned behavior and contribute the impact of attitude and PBC entrepreneurial intention from developing countries context but remained inconclusive for subjective norms from gender perspective. The findings of this paper also have implication for policy makers, academicians, and professionals. 
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Intention, TPB, Gender, Subjective Norms

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