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MUHAMMAD NASIR (Department of Computer Engineering, College of EME, National University of Sciences and Technology ()
ASIM BAIG (Faculty of Engineering, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan)
AZAM BEG (Financial Services Sales Specialist, Telenor, Pakistan)
In this paper we aim to show that not only are the project management techniques important for small-scale projects, but following proper project management techniques is one of the most important requirements. However, there come slight variations in implementing project management techniques in small projects as compared with larger projects. Therefore, proper categorization of projects holds the key to success in many situations. Our paper will show that categorization of a project as small-scale or large-scale should always be locale specific. In this regards, we develop a criteria and evaluate how the projects are categorized as small-scale and large-scale in different parts of the world with focus on IT projects. This research concludes that some methods cannot be used for projects of different scales.
Keywords: Project Management, Categorization, Information Technology, Locale Specific, IT Projects in Pakistan

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