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SAMSON MUTSAGONDO (Provincial Research Officer, National Archives of Zimbabwe, Gweru Records Centre, Gweru, Zimbabwe)
This study traces subordinate women’s perceptions of the root causes of the rift and polarization between women in subordinate positions and women in super-ordinate positions and how this impacts female leadership emergence. Unlike many earlier studies on leadership, this investigation interrogates the feminine leadership crisis from the point of view of women in subordinate positions. Whilst using a case study research design, 50 female teachers from Gweru in Zimbabwe completed questionnaires while 10 officers from the Ministry of Women Affairs were interviewed. Descriptive statistics, mainly, frequencies and percentages were used to analyze data. The study reveals that women play a significant role in their own demise in leadership as they spent a lot of time and energy fighting each other. Most subordinate women expressed that they neither like nor support female leaders and prefer working under male leaders. This confirms the prevalence of the “Pull Her Down Syndrome”. The study serves to remind women that a divided house falls and therefore, it encourages women to support and help each other in leadership circles in the true spirit of feminism.
Keywords: Intra-women Catfights, Leadership Emergence, Pull Her Down Syndrome, Women and Leadership

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